Family Law Appeals

Washington State Family Law Appeals

As a safeguard to make sure that judges act properly and administer the law correctly, Washington state provides a way to appeal certain orders.

Understanding the types of orders and mistakes that you can appeal will help you figure out how to best advance, if you think a judge has misjudged your case.

Types of appeals: 

Final Judgement (must file within 30 days)

Motion for Reconsideration  – to revise temporary orders or decision from the trial judge (must file within 10 days)

Motion for Revision  – to revise temporary orders of a court commissioner, including final decision from a domestic violence protection order (must file within 10 days)

Motion to vacate – overturn previous judgment or order (must file within 1 year)

CPS/Dependency – Appeals on adverse findings from Child Protective Services

Termination of parental rights

Appeal decisions on fact findings of dependency 

 CAPTA Appeals – Appeals of FOUNDED FINDINGS from CPS of Abuse and/or Neglect:

Findings of Abuse and/or Neglect by Child Protective Services (CPS) can have devastating impacts on
your life and career. A founded finding with CPS can and will prevent you or disqualify you from being
permitted to work in many fields where children are involved or where you are in charge of caring for
patients. If you have received a letter from CPS with findings that allegations were FOUNDED, I would
advise anyone to pursue an appeal of the finding if it has an adverse effect on your future or current

RALJ Appeals:

Appeals on a conviction in District Court (must be filed within 30 days)

More info on RALJ Appeals

Appeals on a felony in Superior Court (must be filed within 30 days)


If you have a case that you want to appeal – contact me today!

There are time limits on how long you have to appeal a ruling, so don’t delay! 

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