Child Protective Services (CPS) Custody

Did You Lose Custody of Your Child to Child Protective Services (CPS)?

The effects of Washington’s Dependency Laws can be devastating to any family. Watching your child being taken out of your home and placed elsewhere is heart-wrenching. Whether you’ve been falsely accused or you weren’t the best parent you could be, I am the expert family law attorney you need to get your children back.

A dependency petition can be filed by anyone but is usually done by Child Protective Services (CPS) because the petitioner must make court-ordered services available to the parents. If a dependency petition is filed, your case will be continually looked at by CPS until your child is returned, your parental rights are terminated or the placement of your child is finalized.

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A great attorney

I am very proud to have Bayly Miller as my Attorney and even though our case is closed we will be keeping Bayly as our family attorney for sure. He was there for us through the toughest time of our lives and my children due to false allegations by friends of my ex boyfriend. I called just about every attorney in Tacoma Washington to seek representation. There were only two Attorneys out of a dozen that I had contacted willing to take my case and I chose Bayly, and I’m very happy with my decision and the outcome. He is very bold to go against the State of Washington, as the other attorneys I contacted would not take my case because they don’t like going against the state, as they were to afraid. Bayly stood by me through thick and thin, he was there when I needed him every time and he especially cared about my children and what they were going through in the process and did everything he could to help them as well in their situation, advocating on the behalf of my child who has special needs by contacting the Attorney General several times when issues needed resolved, and getting the results my child needed for his well fair. He is a people person and, very friendly, and an awesome human being, and he is definitely an excellent or actually he is the best Trial Attorney I’ve seen in action and I always felt on top of the world after every court hearing and I will never forget the day I was granted custody back, he was well prepared, he had every document on file and evidence we accumulated over the time the case was opened. I was amazed how very prepared he was for every court hearing we had and also before the trial began and he was like a PIT BULL in the court room, he is very strong in the courtroom and there was no rock left unturned and he had my opponent in such a daze he couldn’t even think to answer Bayly’s questions on the witness stand because Bayly had all the evidence in his file that he compiled and my opponent could not get away with telling any lies, and he ultimately proved my case and I won custody of my boys back as he worked my case efficiently as well and as you can see from my testimony that he did his job very well. I didn’t feel alone in the situation as I felt like we were a team, we worked together and we won!!!! We are back to our normal lives and our children are so very relieved and happy to be home now, they are so grateful so I took my children in to meet Bayly and to shake his hand and thank him for what he had done for our family. I wanted my children to know that Bayly is the man who was working so hard for us to get them home. It was a tough road, but Bayly stood by us through it all from September 2010 to June 2012 as it was a long process due to requirements I had to fulfill for the State before fighting for custody of my children and he worked with me allowing me to make payments and worked with me on the retainer in the beginning , and I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs representation.Words cannot express all my gratitude for this Attorney! Bayly Miller is a keeper!


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