Grandparent & Non-Parent Custody – Washington State

Are you a Grandparent trying to gain custody of your grandchild?

In Washington state, grandparents and other non-parent relatives do not automatically have any legal rights in regards to visitation or custody of children, as long as the biological parents are satisfactory caretakers of the child(ren). Even so, non-parent relatives (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc) can ask the court for custody of the child(ren) if the child(ren) are being abused or neglected.

If you believe that your grandchild(ren) or minor family member needs to be protected from their biological parents and you want to gain custody of the child(ren) call me today! I have successfully helped many non-parent relatives gain custody of minor family members, I am confident that I can help you too!

An excellent attorney

I have known Mr. Miller since 2005 when I started using his services for my grandchildren. He has represented me and my grandchildren for numerous issues, including a child custody case for my great grandchild. Mr. Miller was available at any time to discuss my cases and he works very hard to get the best results. Mr. Miller has always been open and honest in dealing with my cases, and I have always had great results. My grandson is now primary custodian of his child.


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