Other Parent Moving Out of State

Is your former partner moving out of Washington state with your child?

I understand the devastating effects of watching your child move to another state.

If you’ve received notice that your former partner is planning to move,
call me at 253-383-5253.

Relocation laws in Washington are complicated and you need a lawyer to navigate through the process. If you and your former partner have an existing court order for visitation, there are numerous avenues your partner must go through before moving. As the non-custodial parent, you’ll receive notice in advance of the planned move and have the right to object within 30 days as long as you have an existing visitation order from the court.

A Champion of the Wrongfully Accused!

In October 2012, my ex-husband of over 6 years, took our three children under the pretence of visiting his sister in Washington, and shortly after declared he had no intentions of ANY of them returning to California, that he planned on starting a new life in Washington, and abruptly filed an Ex Parte Order Of Protection against me based on a bogus claim of assaulting him in earlier part of 2011. Devastated and confused by being abandoned, I nearly failed to respond to being served. Fortunately, I took the advice of a friend and sought counsel from an attorney licensed in Washington. After corresponding via phone/email with several attorneys who responded to the inquiries I made regarding my case, I sharply recall Attorney Miller’s consult coming off immediately as honest, concise, and direct. Throughout the whole ordeal of composing what little evidence I could muster up in my defense, and in a limited amount of time, Attorney Miller wasted no time on fluff, and always exhumed effortless confidence in his knowledge of the law–which was something that was very strengthening for my otherwise, very rattled reality at the time. I admit, I initially found the forthrightness in Attorney Miller’s advice, such as cutting off the financial support I was STILL giving my exhusband and close the joint accounts I shared with him to be a little insensitive, but knowing what I know now, I realize one could not have better legal counsel than an attorney that will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it, even if you don’t necessarily want to hear it. Obtaining legal representation from Attorney Miller was definitely the pivotal point in the successful dismissal of the protection order that could have ruined any chances of ever being with my children again, and gone on to haunt me for the rest of my life. After Attorney Miller proved my innocence, and exposed my ex-husband’s greedy motives, the case was finally dismissed. I flew to Washington state on Thanksgiving weekend–and brought my children back home with me. A world of gratitude, Attorney Miller!


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