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Many thank yous

Bayly Miller helped in our child custody case among several other legal issues along the way. We have referred him to friends and family through the years with such ease. He is professional and courteous, as well as his staff member. I can never say as many thank yous to him and all that he has done.


Job Well Done!

I was accused of child abuse back in 2016. I was able to locate Mr. Miller via Internet browsing. Contacted him by phone and filled him in about my situation and he gave me some feedback and told me a little about some of his past cases. I was immediately impressed and hired him right on the spot. I knew he was the person I was looking for. I had total confidence that he would give me the results I was seeking. He was awesome working my case and keeping me fully involved and aware of the process every step of the way and did so, in a timely manner. I appreciated his patience, as this was all new to me.
Because of Mr. Miller’s expertise as a Lawyer and experience with child abuse cases. I am happy to announce: He has another victory win under his belt!


The Hero Our Family Needed

I have had many family law issues over the years, and have had 3 different lawyers to try and help me. Out of the 3, Mr. Miller was the most compassionate by far. He went beyond what I have seen in a lawyer. My ex husband blindsided me and basically used the system to kidnap my kids. I found Mr. Miller in desperation and knew immediately I had found someone different. His tactics were different and he was to the point and I felt I wasn’t being lied to or made to turn this into a ” monster vs monster” case. It was about fact and he understood my children were the priority. We went to court three times together for this case. It was a long drawn out ridiculous side show that made me almost lose faith in the system and make me think twice about what this country has come to, or our rights as mothers playing both parents that no one can understand. A lot of information came out including my daughter being emotionally abused and bullied and humiliated and at one point physically assaulted by her father. This is when I realized my lawyer was different
than most. My daughter had reached out to anyone that would listen and actually sent an email to everyone, teachers counselors advocates of domestic violence, anyone she thought of including myself. When Mr. Miller came to see this information I could see genuine empathy and worry in his eyes. It hit me he was actually a human being! Not to discredit all lawyers, but I have known my fair share and anyone that knows about family law knows what I am talking about. Bottom line, He fought for our family was it always perfect organization, no, but He always kept his word and went beyond what he had to. Not to mention he made sure I understood and his knowledge of the law was impressive. His strategy was sometimes not what I was used to but never wrong. I don’t mean to sit here and idolize him, but I was just amazed at his demeanor. I got my kids back! He has the confidence and knowledge everyone needs in a lawyer, and the compassion and empathy a parent needs in a family law case. The fact remains, Mr. Miller was my children’s warrior when no one would help them and my example that there still is people who will genuinely fight for the justice of those that can’t fight for themselves.


Caring and hardworking attorney

Bayly is a good attorney, who will fight for your cause. I had a very contentious case. Mr. Miller didn’t get nervous by all the accusations, he just pushed forward with the facts. Mr. Miller cares about is clients and he is not just out for a paycheck. If you want an attorney that cares and will fight for you. You can’t go wrong.


Great Attorney

When we were down and out, he was there. We started out with no contact with our children, and now have 50/50 custody. Mr. Miller is honest, trustworthy and has a heart of gold. Now if you are looking for one of those cut throat attorneys you will have to go somewhere else. He will have you throw all your dirt out on the table but it is for the best so they won’t be able to pull it out on you in court. Mr. Miller has been a wonderful asset to our home and family. If we would have to do it all over again wouldn’t change a thing with Mr. Miller. I think in my opinion Mr Miller is a wonderful, get the job done type of attorney. Thank you Mr. Miller for all of your hard work you have giving to us. Our children thank you the most because if it were not for you they probably would not have a father parenting them now.


Mr. Miller, Thank you!

I hired Mr. Miller for child custody, I am from California, my daughter lives in Tacoma,I was fortunate to have chosen Mr Miller, my daughter now has visits in Ca, I had hired numerous attorneys throughout nine years and not one attorney accomplished what Mr. Miller, did for me and my family.


An excellent attorney

I have known Mr. Miller since 2005 when I started using his services for my grandchildren. He has represented me and my grandchildren for numerous issues, including a child custody case for my great grandchild. Mr. Miller was available at any time to discuss my cases and he works very hard to get the best results. Mr. Miller has always been open and honest in dealing with my cases, and I have always had great results. My grandson is now primary custodian of his child.


Number one

I was married in another country. My ex husband told me to wait at home while he returned to the US. My ex wanted to wait till the documents for me to join him were done. When I finally arrived, I found out that he had been in a relationship with another woman the entire time. I was treated terribly by him and was kicked out of “our” home. I did not have anyone else here in the States. A lawyer was recommended to me from a woman who was helping me: Bayly Miller. Despite our language barrier, Mr. Miller took great care in trying to understand every detail. He was very patient and kind through the entire ordeal I was unfortunately forced into. He is a hard worker who care about who he is helping and will do anything to see them through. In court, he is driven and doesn’t miss a beat. Mr. Miller loves his job, as he is good at it. I would recommended Bayly Miller entirely. Thank you so much.


A good lawyer who happens to be a good guy

I am a USAR soldier just returning from combat assignment and live close to JBLM. My situation is a support issue. Six years ago, I fathered a child in a unwanted relationship out of wedlock. Since this child was born I have been in deployed too one exotic location after another. In 08, I was represented by another firm (Heritage Law) as counsel to help set my support obligation, they truly did nothing for me as a client. I walked away in 08 paying a 1100 support for this child and another 680 for my other 2 children. Several years back I actually got it right and I married foreign national. Being in an out of the country and on active duty the 1800 for support was manageable. I have been home now since last summer as reservist and the military pay and allowance don’t apply. So I attempted to modify that support obligation and hired Attorney Miller as my counsel and have been very satisfied with him, he truly comes off as honest, concise, and direct person. Attorney Miller hasn’t really cost me a lot and has put in a lot of work because of the games the other attorney has been playing. I work many hours on several jobs to support my family and my outside obligations, which has and will probably continue to cost more in my support portion for the outside the home children; but this is the price I have to pay for earlier bad decisions and my desired to give my family the life they want and deserve. I am extremely grateful for all of his hard work and professionalism because I am a little smarter about our broken system.


Above and beyond the call of duty

Not your average attorney. Mr Miller and Paula take you as a client but you are treated as if you are a family member. They helped assist me with situations that any other office would have charged an arm and a leg for. I felt as if they take things to a personal level of comfort as if you were family and they show true concern. I am so grateful for all they have helped me with and continue to help me with. They helped me get a king county child support modification, something that has been needed to be done for years and was never able to accomplish until Mr Miller was on the case. Even with their busy schedules they take the time to listen and have volunteered their time and assistance for a case of mine that they aren’t even getting paid for and I was able to accomplish what I was seeking. I can’t thank them enough for everything!


Good Lawyer!

Bayly was an excellent help for me. When other lawyers told me it would be difficult case, he got down to business and got my case handled and taken care of in less than a month. Thanks Bayly!


He works his tail off

I can honestly say this is one attorney not a lawyer in it for the money. In court he will be a flat out Pit bull. Stands for rules of law is not afraid to go to court. If you have allegations against you that are false, he will prove them wrong if they are. And if there is something you could handle on your own he will say so instead of saying you need a lawyer. I can’t wait til my new case comes up and my kids can finally get what is best for them


Mr. Miller is one of the best attorneys to have on your side

I have hired Mr. Miller to represent me pertaining to child custody and support issues on several different occasions for the past few years.  Mr. Miller went above and beyond to ensure that I was well represented in each and every motion or hearing I had retained him for, and we prevailed in all matters.  My interests and those of my children were his first priority.  Mr. Miller is one of the best attorneys to have on your side and I would recommend him to anyone.


A great attorney

I am very proud to have Bayly Miller as my Attorney and even though our case is closed we will be keeping Bayly as our family attorney for sure. He was there for us through the toughest time of our lives and my children due to false allegations by friends of my ex boyfriend. I called just about every attorney in Tacoma Washington to seek representation. There were only two Attorneys out of a dozen that I had contacted willing to take my case and I chose Bayly, and I’m very happy with my decision and the outcome. He is very bold to go against the State of Washington, as the other attorneys I contacted would not take my case because they don’t like going against the state, as they were to afraid. Bayly stood by me through thick and thin, he was there when I needed him every time and he especially cared about my children and what they were going through in the process and did everything he could to help them as well in their situation, advocating on the behalf of my child who has special needs by contacting the Attorney General several times when issues needed resolved, and getting the results my child needed for his well fair. He is a people person and, very friendly, and an awesome human being, and he is definitely an excellent or actually he is the best Trial Attorney I’ve seen in action and I always felt on top of the world after every court hearing and I will never forget the day I was granted custody back, he was well prepared, he had every document on file and evidence we accumulated over the time the case was opened. I was amazed how very prepared he was for every court hearing we had and also before the trial began and he was like a PIT BULL in the court room, he is very strong in the courtroom and there was no rock left unturned and he had my opponent in such a daze he couldn’t even think to answer Bayly’s questions on the witness stand because Bayly had all the evidence in his file that he compiled and my opponent could not get away with telling any lies, and he ultimately proved my case and I won custody of my boys back as he worked my case efficiently as well and as you can see from my testimony that he did his job very well. I didn’t feel alone in the situation as I felt like we were a team, we worked together and we won!!!! We are back to our normal lives and our children are so very relieved and happy to be home now, they are so grateful so I took my children in to meet Bayly and to shake his hand and thank him for what he had done for our family. I wanted my children to know that Bayly is the man who was working so hard for us to get them home. It was a tough road, but Bayly stood by us through it all from September 2010 to June 2012 as it was a long process due to requirements I had to fulfill for the State before fighting for custody of my children and he worked with me allowing me to make payments and worked with me on the retainer in the beginning , and I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs representation.Words cannot express all my gratitude for this Attorney! Bayly Miller is a keeper!


A Champion of the Wrongfully Accused!

In October 2012, my ex-husband of over 6 years, took our three children under the pretence of visiting his sister in Washington, and shortly after declared he had no intentions of ANY of them returning to California, that he planned on starting a new life in Washington, and abruptly filed an Ex Parte Order Of Protection against me based on a bogus claim of assaulting him in earlier part of 2011. Devastated and confused by being abandoned, I nearly failed to respond to being served. Fortunately, I took the advice of a friend and sought counsel from an attorney licensed in Washington. After corresponding via phone/email with several attorneys who responded to the inquiries I made regarding my case, I sharply recall Attorney Miller’s consult coming off immediately as honest, concise, and direct. Throughout the whole ordeal of composing what little evidence I could muster up in my defense, and in a limited amount of time, Attorney Miller wasted no time on fluff, and always exhumed effortless confidence in his knowledge of the law–which was something that was very strengthening for my otherwise, very rattled reality at the time. I admit, I initially found the forthrightness in Attorney Miller’s advice, such as cutting off the financial support I was STILL giving my exhusband and close the joint accounts I shared with him to be a little insensitive, but knowing what I know now, I realize one could not have better legal counsel than an attorney that will tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it, even if you don’t necessarily want to hear it. Obtaining legal representation from Attorney Miller was definitely the pivotal point in the successful dismissal of the protection order that could have ruined any chances of ever being with my children again, and gone on to haunt me for the rest of my life. After Attorney Miller proved my innocence, and exposed my ex-husband’s greedy motives, the case was finally dismissed. I flew to Washington state on Thanksgiving weekend–and brought my children back home with me. A world of gratitude, Attorney Miller!


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